Who I am? (Toastmasters Icebreaker May 8 2014)

That’s an interesting question, for a long time I thought I knew the answer to that question.

I mean that type of easy answers, we always gave, So I’m David Parra, nice to meet you

I am or Was a Student, Worker, Son, Friend, Runner

Now I am Father and a Husband. Even a Basketball Player, (“So you can call me Jordan”)

Bus as I get older and, hopefully, wise, I realize that I’m not totally sure of who I’m. Maybe I never will be.

Is like Sochrates Said “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” And I understand that those definitions are only hats, that I use on certain time or spaces, It all depends on the type of role I were focused in.

I will turn 40 next January and It’s a kind of funny, as the time goes by, and I spend more time with myself, I get to know me better but I get more confused try to define who am I.

But Guess what? In my entire life I never needed to define myself to feel me comfortable, but as part of this exercise I force myself to try to put it in words, at least to save the day and start my course.

I start to think in what I like and dont like, I like to chat, thats obvious, and enjoy being with my family, and cultivate my garden, but then I realize that the things I like and my hobbies are not me.

So I am in a mess, Then the announcement of the departure of my flight took me from my thought and then I had what is called an Aha moment.

Well, I am a traveler, not because I travel a lot, which by the way I do. But because I know that we are all just passing through this world, so In a broader sense we are on the middle of a travel

I have to confess you, that the concept is very appealing to me, because it encompasses several aspects I like to think are part of myself.

As a traveler do I’m always trying to see new things, tasting new flavors, that’s also obvious, and knowing new people, tryng to see the world with fresh eyes.

The two main concepts behind being a traveler, behind of who I am, are movement and progress.

That’s the way I like to think about me, is not necessarily who I really am, but I like to think that’s the true.

I’m a traveler, trying to stay in progress, becausse not long ago I discovered progress is the key to happiness and success.

At the end you became in what you think, and, as the Bible said, you need to call things that are not as If they are.

Today I’m a traveler or I will be one, I don’t know who I will become when I Grow Up.

David Parra Commercial Real Estate Exper

David Parra Commercial Real Estate Expert

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