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The art of stress free productivity

Today I want to share with you the most extraordinary information regarding personal productivity that I been able to find and implement in my life.

Getting Things Done WorkFlow Program

It is call GTD or Gettings things done, and I can asure that this metodology changed my life for good.

Not long ago I was overwhelmed by the 20+ Projects I was working on and the 40+ Projects I had to supervise along the entire Country

It was awful, each project carries on a bunch, very big, of details that needed to be addressed before closing.

I was in a permanent distracted mood unable to engage in the simplest conversations because I had a lot of things pending to do, bouncing in my head and distracting me of the moment.

It was a very frustrating time, I’ll have to admit that the situation was driving me crazy. Lots of stress and very few advance.

Then I find at a desktop’s friend the copy of a magazine article I dont remember the name bot the message was: ” Your mind is for having ideas not holding them” it was writen by a guy named David Allen; on that article the author talked about a mindblowing promise, The art of stress-free productivity.

Imagine the situation, you are plenty of things to do, a lot of evolving situations to be focused on, and you are still able not only to function but to thrive and to be engaged in what you are doing at the moment and nothing else.

It is called to be in the zone, a state of being where an individual reaches a peak level of performance, sometimes is used in sports, to describe the moment of excelence of a team, so the Barcelona Futbol Club was in the zone for several years, now they are not, they just lose the momentum.

So what if I can tell you that this system will keep you in the zone for ever, permanently engaged in the present time.

it sounds a litle bit Zen rigth?

Well, we can begin just following a simple step:

Don’t keep anything in your head for the rest of your life,

I’ll repeat it

Don’t keep anything in your head for the rest of your life,

it sounds awkward, unusual, but is powerfull. Just remember, Your Mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

Thats the premise of the metodology, your mind is for having ideas not holding them, you need a system better than your mind to Collect, Process, Organize, Review and Do all the noisy stuffs surrounding you.

I’m not going to explain in detail the methodology, aldo it can be done in 5-7 minutes, what I want to give you is a little taste of the sensation and empowerment you will have when becoming a Gtd’r

For that I want to ask you something, please write down the first five things you need to do and are taking you the most mental space at this moment don’t do anything else, just write it down.

how do you feel? Why most of the people feel a sense of relax by taking off their heads just 5 things? nothing has been done, You just take out of your mind

When I started to work o this metodology I collect, wich is the first stepp of the process, almost 170 things that needed my atention, from review the lease agreement of the site in Puerto Penasco Sonora, to buy milk, from decide where to buy a house, to I needed to call my mon,

By the way I need to call mom, let me put it on my list.

it was a liberating exercise becausse now I was able to decide what to do on each one, instead of force my mine just to no forget that I have 170 things pending of resolution. That list becomes my project list

Then I decide on all that issues following the same diagram I just share with you, how often I review my projects list, once a week, it is called the weekly review, I have to think just once a week what to do on any of my projects, and I spent the rest of thw week doing it or not.

Becausse I dont need to do something in all projects each week, But now that I know that I decided not to do anything on that particular project I dont have the stress asociated with it becausse I’m sure I’m not going to forget it, becausse is on my project list.

Doing Gtd has become into a great adventure, it allowed me to do more while I’m in relaxed mode becausse it gives me mental bandwith, GTD provides space to think.

Of course sometimes I felt out of the wagon but it is relativily easy to recover I just need to go back to my projects list.

Gtd allows you to use your creative energy to create, not to handle and solve things. I challenge you to try it I can asure you that GTD will become a turning point in your personal and profesional life.

If you want to know more about GTD, leave me a comment, I´ll be glad to help you


David Parra

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