Gtd Getting Things Done

The art of stress free productivity

Today I want to share with you the most extraordinary information regarding personal productivity that I been able to find and implement in my life.

Getting Things Done WorkFlow Program

It is call GTD or Gettings things done, and I can asure that this metodology changed my life for good.

Not long ago I was overwhelmed by the 20+ Projects I was working on and the 40+ Projects I had to supervise along the entire Country

It was awful, each project carries on a bunch, very big, of details that needed to be addressed before closing.

I was in a permanent distracted mood unable to engage in the simplest conversations because I had a lot of things pending to do, bouncing in my head and distracting me of the moment.

It was a very frustrating time, I’ll have to admit that the situation was driving me crazy. Lots of stress and very few advance.

6 Strategies For Real Estate Investing

With No Money

I been working on commercial real estate for the last 13 years,I know it seems a lot, and you may wonder, how this young man has 13 years of experiencie!!

Well, the thruth is that I started on this business when I was 15 years old, I was very young.

Thats why. (I’m joking)

But thats another story, what I want to tell you is about Real Estate Investing.

People often ask me: how can I invest in Real Estate?